EFRJ Newsletter

Vol.19 Number 2

June 2018


7d86d2b5-8365-414b-a33f-fac9f4ba9945.jpgKerry Clamp, chair of the editorial committee, introduces this 2nd edition of the EFRJ Newsletter 2018 (scroll down to download the full issue), starting by remembering the beautiful week we spent in Tirana on the occasion of the 10th international EFRJ conference. In September, a special issue of the Newsletter will be dedicated to this successful event. As usual, after presenting the different articles, Kerry welcomes new writers to contact the Committee for a contribution in one of the next editions of the Newsletter.
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The origins of the European Forum for RJ
In this first article, Christa Pelikan and Ivo Aertsen offer a brief summary of how the EFRJ came into being, initiated by discussions and involvement of the first Council of Europe Recommendation on Mediation in Penal Matters. The strength of relationships and a dedication to improving the quality of justice has provided strong foundations for what is today a vibrant organisation.
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RJ and the Council of Europe:
An opportunity for progress
Ian Marder, one of the panel discussants on the plenary dedicated to international RJ instruments at the EFRJ conference in Tirana, reflects on the revision of the CoE Recommendation on Mediation in Penal Matters 1999. Despite a very significant group of committed and knowledgeable academics, policymakers, practitioners and researchers in the field of RJ, we are not seeing the shift and impact that we all wish for in practice.
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Methodological challenges in intercultural mediation 
Claude-Hélène Mayer, one of the plenary speakers we invited last year for the seminar in Berlin on RJ in intercultural conflict, discusses her experience of sharing the practice of intercultural mediation to a diverse audience for whom English is not their first language and reflects on the methodological difficulties associated with conducting intercultural mediation. 
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Expanding the restorative imagination: RJ between realities and visions in Europe and beyond
Nicola Preston, member of the Editorial Committee, writes about the experience, atmosphere, location and speakers who made altogether the successful 10th biannual conference in Tirana. The September edition of the EFRJ Newsletter will be dedicated to this event. Video materials and presentations can be found online.
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Criminal Justice Platform Europe Summer Course
Radicalisation & Violent Extremist Offenders
3-6 July 2018 Barcelona, SpainUniversities of Essex and Nottingham
Building a New Paradigm: Enhancing Restorative Policing
3-4 July 2018 Manchester, UK

IIRP World Conference
Strengthening the spirit of community
24-26 October 2018 Detroit, USA

Die Stärke der Beteiligten: Selbstbestimmung statt Bedürftigkeit
7-9 November 2018 Berlin, Germany

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Editor: Kerry Clamp Editor@euforumrj.org
Members of the Editorial Committee: Branka Peurača, Nicola Preston, Robert Shaw, Catherine Jaccottet Tissot, Martin Wright, Diana Ziedina.

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