EFRJ Newsflash
October 2017 (I)

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EFRJ news: RJ WEEK, conference & more






On the occasion of the RJ WEEK 2017 the EFRJ will publish a booklet on arts and RJ and will launch the film ‘A Conversation’. To contribute with articles, screenings or other events and celebrate with us the RJ WEEK, visit the EFRJ website.

WATCH THE TRAILER OF ‘A CONVERSATION’ and check the EFRJ calendar to see where screenings will take place, e.g. in Belgium.

Save the dates and contribute also to our next events:
– Training on mediation and conferencing in cases with child victims (KU Leuven 8-9 November) organised together with the IJJO: free of charge but limited seats available!
 – 10th international Conference of the EFRJ (Tirana 14-16 June 2018) on ‘Expanding the restorative imagination’ in criminal justice, juvenile justice and within our movement: the deadline for abstracts proposals is 1 November!

Draft recommendation on RJ

CoE 21 sept Strasbourg

The EFRJ Executive Director Edit Törzs and Prof. Ivo Aertsen (KU Leuven) attended the meeting of the Council of Europe PC-CP (Strasbourg 21 September). The PC-CP is drafting a new recommendation on RJ: find here all draft materials.
Conference Relate-Resolve-Restore
The Conflict Resolution Conference ‘Relate-Resolve-Restore‘ will take place in Wellington, New Zealand on 1-2 November 2017. Plenary and workshop sessions will deal with various fields of mediation, arbitration, conciliation and restorative justice/practice.  

Risk & Needs Assessment Workshop
Europris (member in the Criminal Justice Platform Europe, together with CEP and EFRJ) is organising a workshop on Risk and Needs Assessment (Brussels 12-13 October). Specific risk assessments, such as for women, sexual offenders and radicalized prisoners will be part of the discussion. Registrations close on 2 October.

Book on RJ in urban schools

The first edition of the book ‘Restorative Justice in Urban Schools: Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline‘ (Routledge) has been published few months ago. The book argues that by practicing RJ, ‘educators can reduce the domino effect between suspension and incarceration and foster a more inclusive school climate.’
National RJ Symposium
This year’s National Restorative Justice Symposium (Ottawa 19-21 November, during the #RJWeek) is entitled ‘Global Innovation – Local (R)Evolution’ and will include keynote speakers from New Zealand and UK. Early bird registrations until 1 October.  

Conference on urban security
Almost 800 participants coming from Europe and beyond are expected, in order to share their knowledge, experiences and practices at the EFUS conference ‘Security, Democracy & Cities: Coproducing Urban Security Policies‘ (Barcelona 15-17 November). Among others, you will meet the chair of the EFRJ Board Tim Chapman.  

Moment of inspiration


Since 2014, the Peace Museum Vienna initiated the project ‘Windows for Peace’, an outdoor public exhibit, ‘open’ 24 hours a day, with no cost of admission, sharing pictures, quotes and biographies of international Peace Heroes. This is in line with the museum’s mission to encourage world peace through educating the public.