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Happy Winter Holidays!6ce2017b-cd38-4232-8e4f-5afd9e8c884d.jpg
Dear Members of the European Forum for Restorative Justice

The end of the year is approaching and we are ready to celebrate our achievements and moments of joy in 2017! We would like to thank all those active members that actively supported us in this past year: our Editorial Committee*, our Working Group on Values and Standards for RJ, our Training Committee, our Selection Committee**, but also all those members that co-organised with us some local activities (e.g. seminars, Summer School, RJ Week).

*The Editorial Committee published the last Newsletter of the year. A printed version will be disseminated in our events, but you can already enjoy reading it during the Winter Holidays! Our Chair and Director contributed to this Newsletter with an overview of our achievements in 2017. Download it here!

**The Selection Committee welcomes nominations of candidates for the next Board elections (Annual General Meeting, Tirana 13 June 2018). All full members are invited to send their application; particularly welcomed are candidatures coming from Eastern European or French speaking countries, coming from policy or practice, experienced with trainings, preferably woman. All info here!

Top 5 things to do in the first half of 2018
  1. renew your membership!!
  2. submit your abstract for the EFRJ Conference in Tirana (before 7 January)
  3. nominate candidates for the Board elections 2018 (before 11 February)
  4. nominate candidates for the European RJ Award 2018 (before 11 February)
  5. register to the EFRJ Conference (early-bird 1 April; last chance 15 May) and the training Course on RJ in Serious Crime
4fed63b6-c26d-44dd-a4cc-f1db39b84ab6.jpgAnd then, organise your Summer Holidays in beautiful Albania and meet the EFRJ team and our local organisational member (Albanian Foundation for Conflict Resolution) on 12-16 June in Tirana. The full package of the week includes Training Course + Annual General Meeting + RJ Award Ceremony + Conference.
After Tirana, you will still meet us in other events, such as the 2nd edition of the Criminal Justice Summer Courses (Barcelona 3-6 July), the international RJ Week (18-25 November) and much more! Check the EFRJ website to keep updated.

We wish you a great winter holiday and see you again in 2018!
                      The EFRJ team