EFRJ Newsletter
Vol.20 Number 2
June 2019


Branka Peurača (Croatia) and Claudia Christen-Schneider (Switzerland) are the editors of this 2nd issue of the EFRJ newsletter 2019, which makes us travel across countries and different fields. Scroll down to download and print the full issue!

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Restorative Justice, a Philosopher and a Science Park

In this first article, Simone Grigoletto (Italy), with some humor, presents the research line on RJ and social innovation present in the AREA Science Park of Trieste, the international leading science and technology center based in the North-East of Italy.

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Interview with Christa Pelikan

Our editors had a conversation with our dear Christa Pelikan (Austria), one of the founders of the EFRJ, who received the European RJ Award in 2014. In this interview Christa reflects on the most recent policy developments in the field of RJ.

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The strength of the participants:
self-determination instead of neediness

In this article, Christoph Willms and Johanna Muhl from our German organisational member TOA (Servicebüro für Täter-Opfer-Ausgleich und Konfliktschlichtung im DBH e. V.) present the results of the 17th TOA-Forum that took place in Berlin last November.

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Restorative Justice in Belarus: history and prospects

EFRJ member Liudmila Bukato (Belarus) is the author of this next article which gives us a brief introduction on the recent developments in restorative and juvenile justice in the country.

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CONRAD: The Radicalisation Machine:
why ‘radicalisation’ is a problematic concept

Our colleague Sofie Doorman (The Netherlands), intern in the EFRJ Secretariat since last February, attended an interesting conference in Brussels on the concept of radicalisation, and she presents here some key-findings of the project.

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Exploring restorative/informal justice in Africa: new project for an EFRJ beyond borders 

Since few months the EFRJ is involved in a project on restorative juvenile justice in Kenya: EFRJ member Silvia Randazzo writes about it, as she works in the project on behalf of the Italian organisation CEFA.

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Criminal Justice Platform Europe
Criminal Justice in a Polarised Society
2-5 July 2019 Barcelona, Spain

Central European University
Mediation theory and skills
15-19 July 2019 Budapest, Hungary

EFRJ Summer School 2019
Child-friendly RJ
22-26 July 2019 Gdansk, Poland

European Society of Criminology
Convergent roads, bridges and new pathways in criminology
18-21 September 2019 Ghent, Belgium

EFRJ Conference 2020
11th international EFRJ conference 
25-27 June 2020 Sassari, Italy

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Publisher: EFRJ – Coordinator Emanuela Biffi emanuela.biffi@euforumrj.org
Guest editors: Branka Peurača and Claudia Christen-Schneider newsletter@euforumrj.org
Members of the Editorial Committee: Claudia Christen-Schneider, Heidi Jokinen, Olga Kiseleva, Kim Magiera, Branka Peurača, Nicola Preston, Silvia Randazzo, Martin Wright, Diana Ziedina, Robert Shaw

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