EFRJ Newsflash
October 2018 (I)
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RJ Week 2018
What are your plans between 18-25 November 2018? This is the international RJ Week!! As usual, the EFRJ is happy to hear from you and give visibility to your initiative on the EFRJ calendar of events. Please use this document to inform us (by 9 November the latest).
The EFRJ will launch a short film, based on the interviews made during the 10th international conference in Tirana, and print a new series of EFRJ postcards based on the artworks of Lee Anderson who draw some of the workshop sessions in Tirana. If you wish to receive these materials to use them as part of your local initiative, please fill in the online form.
Conference on RJ & child victims
Register now to the conference on RJ and child victims(Brussels, 7 December) organised within the framework of the EU funded project “Implementing Restorative Justice with Child Victims” coordinated by the International Juvenile Justice Observatory, in which the EFRJ is a partner.
Plenary sessions: EFRJ conference in Tirana 
Before launching the short film for the #rjweek 2018, based on the interviews made during the 10th international conference in Tirana, we want to re-live with you some inspiring moments we experienced thanks to the brilliant speakers we invited for this event. We start with the plenary of Claudia Mazzucato, professor of criminal law at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. More will come in the next weeks: follow us on social media (#efrj2018).
Nepal conference on RJ
Our organisational member the Nepal Institute of Justice is organizing the 2nd Nepal Conference on RJ (Kathmandu, 24-25 November, during the international #rjweek). The conference aims to explore ways to mainstream RJ principles in justice systems and explores whether and how we should build paths for a wider movement of RJ. More info here: registration will open soon!
Training on RJ in the UK
A five-day training on ”restorative approaches in youth and community settings’‘ will be organised by Transforming Conflict (founder Belinda Hopkins is a key EFRJ member) on 26-30 November 2018 and 25-29 March 2019 in the UK. The training will give special attention to conflict, bullying, disruption and challenging behaviour. Reserve a place here, or book here.   
Conference on restorative & Maori justice
On 24-25 October the conference ”Effective and Human: restorative and Maori justice approaches to the prison crisis” will take place in Wellington, New Zealand.  The conference will show how the theory and practice of RJ might inform the direction and practice of penal policy in Aotearoa New Zealand. Also, the EFRJ chair Tim Chapman will be there: register here.
New book: the ”Ideal Victim”
        The book ”Ideal Victim” by Marian Duggan evaluates the contemporary relevance of Christie’s ideal victim concept. Examples include sex workers as victims of crime, victims’ experiences of online fraud, and recognising historic child sexual abuse in Ireland. Get more information here.
Conference on sexual abuse in Latvia
The CEP (member of the Criminal Justice Platform Europe) is organising the conference: ”Reframing Sexual Abuse: Practical Directions” (Riga, Latvia, 22-23 November during the international #rjweek) on four different themes: community engagement and understandings, professional practice and working in the field, prevention and public health approaches, and treatment. Registration is possible here


Canadian RJ symposium
On 18-20 November (during the #rjweek) the National Restorative Justice Symposium will be held in Saskatoon, Canada, hosted by Saskatchewan Restorative Justice Network. The conference will consider, assess and discuss the innovative and transformative potential of RJ. The five themes of the programme are: healing; transformation; reconciliation; inclusion; and empowerment. Register here.
Moment of inspiration
In the article ”Crimes of (dis) obedience: Radical shifting of the criminological gaze” Brunilda Pali (Secretary of the EFRJ Board) will make you think about obedience and ”the normality of evil”. Read ithere and get inspired!