EFRJ Newsflash
May 2019 (I)

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Last days to register to the EFRJ Symposium!
Only a few weeks until the EFRJ Symposium (Bilbao, 5-6 June)! The event is particularly interesting for professionals working in prison, probation, juvenile justice, and obviously for RJ practitioners, researchers and policymakers interested in making RJ more accessible, especially in those cases where there is more resistance on the use of RJ (e.g. domestic violence, sexual violence, terrorism). Register here before 8 May.
Criminal justice in a polarized society
Another great opportunity not to miss this Summer! The Criminal Justice Platform Europe (EFRJ, Europris and CEP) organises the Criminal Justice Summer Course entitled “Criminal Justice in a Polarized Society” (Barcelona, 2-5 July). In the draft program you can find information on the speakers, workshops and field visits. The EFRJ trainers will deliver a series of workshop based on case studies and practical tools for conflict transformation, dialogue and social inclusion. Register now!

EFRJ membership 2019 

 If you wish to join the EFRJ membership, or simply renew your current one, please do so before half May, so that we can present the actual membership directory to the Annual General Meeting (Bilbao, 4 June, just before the EFRJ Symposium). Members benefit from special discounts to our events, receive the EFRJ Newsletters with articles from the field, get a reduction on the International Journal for RJ, can take part in our committees and working groups, and much more! The current EFRJ membership counts more than 400 members, including many organisations: make sure to be one of them!

EFRJ Research Committee
We (re-)launched the EFRJ research committee. If you are interested to actively engage in the EFRJ work by sharing your expertise in research on RJ, feel free to express your interest in joining this group! There are few more places in the committee. We may organise a first meeting during the Symposium (Bilbao, 5-6 June), if several interested people will be there.
Restorative approaches in further education
The symposium “Crime, conflicts and restorative approaches in further education” (London, 28 June 2019) marks the launch of RAFE, a network initiative on “Restorative Approaches in Further Education”. The symposium will explore crime, conflicts and other behavioural challenges faced by institutions in Further Education (FE) and how Restorative Approaches are understood, experienced and implemented in this sector.
RJ conference in Switzerland
Our Board member Brunilda Pali will present on RJ in Europe during the conference La giustizia riparativa: esperienze in Europa e in Svizzera (Lugano, 7 May). The event aims at creating a section of the Swiss Forum for RJ in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland.
The European Society of Criminology organizes its annual conference EUROCRIM 2019 (Gent, 18-21 September) on convergent roads, bridges and new pathways in criminology. Let us know if you will present on RJ: we expect several members of the EFRJ to be there!
Moment of inspiration: Building Restorative Cities

The EFRJ Working Group on restorative cities recently launched the film Building Restorative Cities! The film includes the experiences in the cities of Bristol, Como, Leuven, Tempio Pausania, Palermo and Mentana. With this film, the Working Group hopes to inspire cities to change their perspective and try to put the values of RJ at the heart of their associative life. You can meet part of the Working Group at the EFRJ Symposium in Bilbao.