EFRJ Newsflash
June 2018
Special edition on #efrj2018 conference in Tirana

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News from the #EFRJ2018 conference
The 10th international EFRJ conference Expanding the restorative imagination. Restorative justice between realities and visions in Europe and beyond (Tirana 14-16 June) brought together more than 300 people from almost 50 different countries! We will use this special edition of the EFRJ Newsflash to share with you some special moments of our week in Albania and thank once more the Albanian Foundation for Conflict Resolution (directed by Rasim Gjoka), the Ministry of Justice of Albania and our local sponsors for the warm hospitality and great cooperation throughout the year.
EFRJ Board meeting
The EFRJ Board, together with the staff, met in Tirana the days prior to the conference. As usual, many decisions were taken for further implementing the EFRJ strategy of next years. Among others, the team announced the cities hosting the mayor 2019 EFRJ events: the AGM and an international congress will take place in Bilbao (end May), while the Summer School on child-friendly RJ will be in Gdansk (22-26 July).

Training on RJ in serious crime
The pre-conference course on RJ in serious crime was a success (Tirana 12-13 June). Our trainer Kristel Buntinx shared her 17 years personal experience as a mediator in cases of murder and sexual violence for the Flamish organisation Moderator. The group, composed by 23 participants from 14 different countries, reflected on the practice to give access to RJ and actually initiate a RJ encounter in these complex cases.  

Annual General Meeting
Almost 90 members were present at the AGM of the EFRJ membership (Tirana 13 June). Among other matters, members approved the constitutional changes and welcomed 87 new individual members and 9 organisational members who applied for their membership after the previous AGM in Berlin. Also, members voted for the Board elections: out of the 6 (really good!) candidates, members had to make the difficult decision to vote for 2 only. We are happy to welcome on Board Tim Chapman (Northern Ireland, re-elected for a second mandate) and Aikaterina Soulou (France). 

European RJ Award 2018
The EFRJ team received several candidatures for the European RJ Award 2018. During the opening ceremony at Vila 31 (home of Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha for decades), organised by the Albanian Ministry of Justice, our chair and director announced the award winners: Borbala Fellegi & the Foresee Research Group, a young multidisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners from Hungary, committed to combating social inequalities and injustices and promoting RJ and other innovative ways of dealing with conflict.  

International Journal for RJ
Also Eleven International Publishing joined us in Tirana to present “The International Journal of Restorative Justice“! Many authors of the first issue were also present among the participants. Members of the EFRJ benefit of a special discount: if you did not have the chance to subscribe in Tirana, contact us to receive the code.

Moment of inspiration

The EFRJ conference 2018 was not only a moment but an entire week of inspiration! If you wish to find out more about the single moments we celebrated in Tirana please check our social media with #efrj2018. You can also watch the film produced for the closing plenary (more video materials will be available after the Summer) and you can check the presentations of our plenary speakers and workshop presenters.
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