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January 2017 (II)

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Meet the EFRJ team in…

– Paris, 18-19 JanuaryIFJR Conference on RJ in France
– Fribourg, 10 February: RJ Day in Switzerland with Catherine Jaccottet Tissot
– Brussels, 23 February: CJPE Seminar on the Victims’ Directive
– Bucharest, 23 February: ERA Seminar on Alternatives to Detention

Survey & seminar on the Victims’ Directive


Please fill in this online survey on RJ in the Victims’ Directive. The results of this research will be presented during the expert seminar organised by the Criminal Justice Platform Europe on the implementation of Art. 25 and 26, respectively on training and cooperation (Brussels, 23 February).

(Free of charge; limited seats available)

The EFRJ team will be also in…

– Dublin, 9-10 May: IIRP Europe Conference
– Berlin, 1 June: EFRJ Annual General Meeting & seminar
– Barcelona, 4-7 JulyCJPE Summer Course
– Como, 24-28 July: EFRJ Summer School

RJ: An International Journal

The 3rd issue of the ‘Restorative Justice: An International Journal‘ (Vol. 4, 2016) on desistance and RJ is now available online.
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Exhibition created by victims and prisoners
The five-day exhibition ‘Utopia: between dream and action‘ will take place in Leuven (Belgium) on 13-17 January. It will include a panel discussion with a victim, ex-detainee and a relative of a detainee and the film screening ‘The making of justice’ with detainees talking about the impact of crime in their lives.

Course on restorative approaches in youth settings
The course ‘Restorative Approaches in Youth Settings: A constructive approach to conflict, bullying, disruption and challenging behaviour‘ will take place near Reading, Berkshire, UK on 30 January- 3 February 2017. The focus of this course is on educational and youth settings.  

Verbatim theatre of victim-offender encounters
The verbatim play ‘The Listening Room will be presented in London between 7 February and 4 March 2017. It tells the true stories of five people whose lives have been transformed by a single violent crime, committed by a person under the age of 21. Years after trial and punishment, each one of them was given the chance to meet the person on the other side. The play tells their story from the moment they agreed to meet.

Art for social change
The meeting day of the Flemish Association for Criminology(Brussels 10 February) includes a session on visual criminology in practice where our board member Brunilda Pali will focus on the question ‘How can art providence a context for criminologists?’ illustrating the project ‘Art for Social Change’.  

Course in Victimology, Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice
A course in Victimology, Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice (including RJ among other topics) will take place in Dubrovnik (Croatia) on 22 May-3 June 2017. The course will bring together approximately 80 international students and 50 internationally renowned experts from the field of victimology, criminology and criminal justice.

Working paper on informal justice systems

The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law recently published a report entitled ‘Understanding and engaging informal justice‘. The focus is on developing countries, where an estimated 80-90% of disputes are handled outside the state justice system. The report examines the potential engagement of local and international actors with local informal justice systems.
Moment of inspiration 

Transformative Justice – In this TED talk, Jacob Dunne tells about how the restorative justice encounter with the parents of the man he murdered helped him to transform his life and move forward.