Annual General Meeting – Proxy votes procedure – Seminar on RJ in intercultural conflicts – New Working Group

Dear Members,

The EFRJ Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 1 June combined with a one day seminar on 2 June is approaching and we would like to share with you some practical information to organize your trip to Berlin!

But first of all: if you did not register yet, please do so before 19 May. Also, please help us to disseminate the information about the seminar on RJ in intercultural conflicts within your network: it is free of charge for members of the EFRJ, so everyone is invited to join our membership (or pay a small fee to register to the event).

The AGM, as well as the seminar on RJ in intercultural conflicts, will take place at the GLS Campus in Kastanienallee 82, Berlin. If you cannot attend the AGM and you are a full member (i.e. with full voting rights), we kindly invite you to participate by giving a proxy to another individual or organisational member with full membership status. In practice this means:

  • You must write and sign a document in which you express that another EFRJ member will vote on your behalf. On this document, you must state the following: “I, your full name, authorise full name of the person/organisation to which you give your proxy vote to vote on my behalf at the 2017 General Meeting to be held in Berlin (Germany) on 1 June 2017. Date, place, your signature
  • Please note that any member with full membership status can only act as a proxy for a maximum of 5 other full members and that the person/organisation to which you have given your proxy vote should bring the signed (original or scanned) document to the AGM and hand it over to the staff of the EFRJ Secretariat.

It is important that members with full voting rights participate (also via proxy) since this AGM will be used to make some important constitutional changes (more info here).

Concerning the schedule, on 1 June, registrations open at 17.00. The AGM will take place between 18.00-20.00 (click here to download the agenda), followed by a welcome reception, open also to the speakers and participants of the seminar on RJ in intercultural conflicts. On 2 June, registrations open at 8.30. The seminar is scheduled between 9.30-17.00 (click here to download the programme).

We are also pleased to announce that we selected 6 members of our new Working Group on Values & Standards for RJ (click here to know more about it). We will have representatives from Belgium, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. We are thankful for all those members who sent their candidatures and we are hoping to collaborate with you on other occasions in the future.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

With best wishes,
The EFRJ Board and Staff