EFRJ Newsflash
July 2018 (I)

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EFRJ Summertime 2018
After the successful events of these past month (i.e. the 10th International Conference of the EFRJ in Tirana and the 2nd Criminal Justice Summer Course in Barcelona), the EFRJ team will leave for the Summer holidays! Between 30 July and 19 August, the EFRJ Secretariat will be partly closed: for urgent matters you can always reach us at info@euforumrj.org, but expect responses only between Monday and Wednesday!
FRA survey on civil society issues
In September, FRA (EU Agency for Fundamental Rights) will conduct a consultation about experiences on civil society issues. The findings will complement the report on ‘Challenges facing civil society organisations working on human rights in the EU’. Relevant organisations (e.g. NGOs working on human rights issues, religious organisations, universities) must register in their database to be able to participate in this online survey (before 15 August).

RJ conference in Italy: call for papers
3 August is the deadline to submit your paper proposal for the RJ conference that will take place at the University of Padova (Italy) on 7-8 November! The theme is “Restorative Approach and Social Innovation: From Theoretical Grounds to Sustainable Practices“. Our Board member Patrizia Patrizi as well as our founder Ivo Aertsen will be there.
International Journal for RJ: annual lecture
The 2018 Annual Lecture of the International Journal of Restorative Justice will be held during the European Society of Criminology conference in Sarajevo on 30 August. The lecture “Time for a Rethink: Victims and Restorative Justice” will be given by Prof. Antony Pemberton from the International Victimology Institute Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Small funding for an international exchange project
4 October is the deadline to apply for funding for a small international project involving citizens from France, Germany and any other EU country (e.g. for professional exchange, cooperation projects, artistic ideas). Any idea seems to be welcomed!  

ESC conference: Eurocrim 2018
The 18th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology “Crimes Against Humans and Crimes Against Humanity: Implications for Modern Criminology” (Sarajevo 29 Aug- 1 Sept). Also the EFRJ team will attend this event, i.e. Board members Aarne Kinnunen and Brunilda Pali and our new admin officer Laura Hein.

EU call for proposals

The calls for proposals under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme includes several themes that can be of interest for our RJ field. Some EFRJ members already contacted us to search for partners in projects on hate crime, domestic violence, victims’ rights: please contact us if you have  project ideas and search for international partnerships.
Moment of inspiration

The short video “La mirada del otro“, a theatre piece based on real restorative encounters between ETA dissidents and the families of their victims, was mentioned during the CJPE courses in Barcelona. “Are there more things that bind us to others or those ones that separate us from them?”